Maximillan Papandrious character profile


Maximillian “Max” Papandrious is a student in Jeremy Brown‘s EFL class. He is played by Kevork Malikyan.

Max is an Orthodox Christian from Athens, Greece and works in an office at the docks. He initially competes with Giovanni for Danielle’s affections, but later they share a flat and become friends. They also buy a cockatoo named Polly, whose cage gets moved between their bedrooms each night.


Max often adds h sounds to the beginning of words that start with a vowel, like “H’okay”. Like Giovanni, he tends to have trouble understanding long words and figures of speech. He is known to be a big football fan as he watches football matches and knows Arsenal Football Club; he even reads Football Reviews. His middle names are Andreas and Archimedes.


Max has a sister named Maria, who joins Mr. Brown’s class in Season 4.


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