Juan Cervantes character profile


Juan Cervantes is a student in Jeremy Brown‘s EFL class. He is played by Ricardo Montez.

Juan is a Spanish Catholic from Seville who works as a bartender. In the first season, he constantly says “Por favor?” as he doesn’t know much English. Sometimes Giovanni has to translate for him, the reasoning being Spanish and Italian have similar words. His English improves in the following seasons, and he begins using new catchphrases – “S’alright” and “Sorry, wrong number” – if he answers questions incorrectly. He never becomes a star student, but he has unshakable confidence and a good sense of humour, often making jokes when he answers questions and laughing at his own mistakes.


Juan distrusts doctors because of his uncle in Madrid, who went to the hospital with chest pains and was run over and killed by the doctor who examined him while leaving the hospital. He seems to have better luck with his female classmates than his male classmates do, particularly in Season 2: he gets to sit next to Ingrid during the coach trip to Barclay Hall and go on a date with Danielle after the party at Giovanni and Max’s flat. He also cares a great deal for Mr. Brown and treats him almost like a member of his family.


Juan is one of the four original students who is still part of Mr. Brown’s class in Season 4.


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