Movies and Series Albert Moses appeared in. (PART 1)

Albert Moses was a talented actor who made an appearance in quite a lot of productions. He was recognized for his remarkable acting skills in the Series Mind Your Language. We have been doing research on the productions he made an appearance in and we have compiled 78 of them. Below is a list of these productions.

Wicked Woman

1.Wicked Woman 1970:

This drama series from London Weekend Television was based on true-life cases of women who made the headlines of Victorian newspapers. The six episodes aired as part of Saturday Night Theatre (1969 – 1971), a compendium of dramas produced for ITV by a variety of companies. Albert Moses made his appearance in season 1 and he was as a character called Salmaan.


2. Budgie (1971-1972)

Chirpy Cockney petty crook Ronald “Budgie” Bird is the main character in this British television series. Budgie was the eternal failure, with every scam, and every attempt to make his fortune landing him further and further into trouble, either with the police, or with his untrustworthy sometime boss, the cynical Charlie Endell, a respectable club owner on the surface, and underworld villain below it. All attempts to put Budgie on the “straight and narrow” by his girlfriend, and awful ex-wife, were in vain, and with an unflappable optimism, he bounced in and out of prison on a regular basis as the series progressed. Albert Moses appeared in season 1. Read more about the series here

The Moonstone

3. The Moonstone

A priceless jewel, originally plundered from a Hindu shrine, is presented to Rachel Verinder on her 18th birthday. The jewel goes missing and suspicion falls over the household, threatening to destroy someone close to Rachel’s heart. Albert Moses appeared in season 1 episode 1.

Doctor in charge series
Doctor in Charge

4. Doctor in Charge 1972

The continuing misadventures of Duncan Waring (Robin Nedwell), Dick Stuart-Clark (Geoffrey Davies), and Paul Collier (George Layton) see them move further up the promotion ladder, but there’s no change in their fondness for slacking off and trying to chat up girls, nor in their ability to drive Professor Loftus (Ernest Clark) round the bend. But there’s more trouble for the boys in the form of brown-noser Lawrence Bingham (Richard O’Sullivan), who trots about after Loftus hoping to crawl into his good books. In this series he was uncredited as he only appeared as an Indian sailor but did not have a bigger role of the story telling.

The Regiment

5. The Regiment (1973)

The Regiment was a British television drama series produced by the BBC. First broadcast on BBC One in 1972 it starred Christopher Cazenove and followed the story of a British Army regiment from the view of two families.

The Regiment was based on a single play broadcast in 1970 as part of the BBC Drama Playhouse series. The series followed the Cotswold Regiment from 1895 to 1904, and in particular the Gaunt and Bright families. The first series was broadcast in 1972 and related to the regiment’s time in South Africa, fighting in the Boer War, while the second series in 1973 followed the regiment on a posting to British India. It once received a brief review in the Glasgow Weekly News “The Regiment: ought to be disbanded”. The theme music to the series was the finale of the Triumphal March from “Caractacus” by Sir Edward Elgar. Albert Moses appeared in the episode Friends in higher places as Monkeynut-Wallah



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