Anna Schmidt character profile

Anna Schmidt is a student in Jeremy Brown‘s EFL class. She is played by Jacki Harding.

Anna is from West Germany and works as an au pair for Mrs. Walker. She has a friend named Eva who is from East Germany and also works as an au pair. She is always serious and even says in “All Through the Night” that she doesn’t know any jokes. She has great physical strength and isn’t afraid to hit people who annoy her (especially Max). She has a habit of switching her v and w sounds and sprinkling her speech with German words, but is one of the best students in the class.

Anna’s religious beliefs are ambiguous. When the students argue about which religion is the true one, she asks “What about Martin Luther?”, implying that she is a Lutheran. She later says that nothing happens after you die, but she still swears on the Bible that she will tell the truth when she goes to court. She remains single throughout the series, but dated a man named Kurt before moving to England.

Anna is one of the four original students who is still part of Mr. Brown’s class in Season 4.

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